Macee Binns Play "Candi With An I" Was Included In The Heuer Publishing 2018 Catalog Of Plays & Musicals

This book was sent out to over 50,000 schools and theaters across the country and featured Macee Binns play Candi With An I.  Candi With An I is currently for sale on the Heuer Publishing Website and on Macee Binns Amazon Author's Page.

Source: https://www.hitplays.com/default.aspx?pg=a...

"The Best Women's Stage Monologues of 2017" Anthology Book Series Featuring Monologues By Macee Binns Is Now For Sale At Barnes & Noble

Smith & Kraus Theater Book Publishers included two monologues from Macee Binns play "Stone Cold Sober" in their annual anthology book series: "The Best Women's Stage Monologues Of 2017." This best-selling book series containing monologues written by Macee Binns is currently being sold on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble Booksellers, and in select book stores nationwide for the retail price of $14.95. To purchase a copy of this award-winning anthology featuring works by Macee Binns please visit the Smith & Kraus Publishing Website

Macee Binns Launches Humor Blog "Thoughts From A Tiny Ass Chair."

Macee Binns recently launched a humor blog with actress and co-writer Fernanda Chaves called "Thoughts From A Tiny Ass Chair".  The website https://www.tinyasschair.com/ is a weekly blog that follows the chaotic lives of Fernanda Chaves and Macee Binns as they chronicle the humorous experiences they share as up and coming artists in Los Angeles.  Please visit the link below to subscribe to the Thoughts From A Tiny Ass Chair Blog.  

Source: https://www.tinyasschair.com/