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Macee Binns Play "Candi With An I" Was Included In The Heuer Publishing 2018 Catalog Of Plays & Musicals

This book was sent out to over 50,000 schools and theaters across the country and featured Macee Binns play Candi With An I.  Candi With An I is currently for sale on the Heuer Publishing Website and on Macee Binns Amazon Author's Page.

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Check Out Macee Binns Professional Writing Portfolio

Macee Binns is an accomplished WriterBloggerJournalist and Author with a background of accomplishments in Motion PicturesViral ContentPrint and Promotions. To view the Writing Portfolio of Macee Binns which contains a variety of her published works including Entertainment News Articles, Newspaper Articles, Blogs and Literary Works please visit link to her new Professional Writing Portfolio.

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The Comedic Play "Candi With An I" By Macee Binns Has Been Published By Heuer Publishing

Macee Binns just recently had another play published by Heuer Publishing. To purchase a copy of her new comedic one-act play "Candi With An I" please visit the Heuer Publishing website, and don't forget to check out Macee's award winning play "Row 28" which is currently for sale on Amazon and Kindle eBooks

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"Now Boarding" A Play By Macee Binns Has Been Published By Off The Wall Plays

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Macee Binns is currently working as a staff writer at The Richest

Macee Binns is currently working as a regular contributing writer for TheRichest.com. The world's leading source of shocking and intriguing content surrounding celebrities, global events, pop culture, sports and much more. The articles that Macee Binns has written for TheRichest are receiving great reviews and thousands of reads in the world of social media.  To view Macee's articles and contributing writer statistics page please visit the link  http://www.therichest.com/author/m_binns/ at TheRichest.com

Source: https://www.therichest.com/author/m_binns/

Macee Binns Launches Humor Blog "Thoughts From A Tiny Ass Chair."

Macee Binns recently launched a humor blog with actress and co-writer Fernanda Chaves called "Thoughts From A Tiny Ass Chair".  The website https://www.tinyasschair.com/ is a weekly blog that follows the chaotic lives of Fernanda Chaves and Macee Binns as they chronicle the humorous experiences they share as up and coming artists in Los Angeles.  Please visit the link below to subscribe to the Thoughts From A Tiny Ass Chair Blog.  

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The Award Winning Play "Row 28" by Macee Binns is now for sale on Amazon & Kindle eBooks

Row 28 by Macee Binns is now for sale on Amazon & Kindle eBooks though JAC Publishing & Promotions.  The play can be purchased in paperback print for the retail price of $8.25, and Kindle electronic download for $2.99.  Get your copy today at Amazon. 

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Hollywood Screenplay Contest Official Finalist

"Row 28" a screenplay written by Macee Binns & Anne B. Scott was named one of the 2014 Official Finalist at the prestigious Hollywood Screenplay Contest.  Of the hundreds of entries submitted from around the world 12 entries were awarded the title of Official Finalist including "Row 28" in the Best Short Screenplay category. 



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