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Macee Binns Play "Candi With An I" Was Included In The Heuer Publishing 2018 Catalog Of Plays & Musicals

This book was sent out to over 50,000 schools and theaters across the country and featured Macee Binns play Candi With An I.  Candi With An I is currently for sale on the Heuer Publishing Website and on Macee Binns Amazon Author's Page.

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Macee Binns Comedic One-Act Play "Candi With An I" Published By Heuer Publishing

Macee's latest play Candi With An I was recently published by Heuer Publishing, and was featured in the Heuer Publishing 2017-2018 Catalog For The Performing Arts where it was sent out to over 50,000 schools and community theaters across the country. Copies of this award-winning play are available for purchase on the Heuer Publishing website and in select bookstores nationwide. Please visit the Heuer Publishing Website to request a copy of this hilarious one-act by Macee Binns. 

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The Comedic Play "Candi With An I" By Macee Binns Has Been Published By Heuer Publishing

Macee Binns just recently had another play published by Heuer Publishing. To purchase a copy of her new comedic one-act play "Candi With An I" please visit the Heuer Publishing website, and don't forget to check out Macee's award winning play "Row 28" which is currently for sale on Amazon and Kindle eBooks

Source: https://www.hitplays.com/default.aspx?pg=s...